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Thread: Thief Anyone?

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    Anyone knows where can I get Thief game?

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    Buy it, ya git. Looking Glass Studios went bust because people pirated those games too much.

    Both Thief 1 and Thief 2 are brilliant games and well worth the money.

    It's all very well pirating from big rich software companies, but it doesn't hurt to support the little guys.

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    Oh Yeah! Then what is kazaa for

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    Looking Glass went under due to a large role of a Daikatana. Edios pumped all their money into finishing it. Their games also weren't nearly as popular as things like Tomb Raider III. It also tried to release some self-published games, all of which bombed, and put the company into huge debt. Flight Unlimited III took a large hit to their profits when they were just starting to get back on their feet, and Flight Combat ran too long over schedule, and put them into danger again. Deep Cover ran into a lot of problems, and basically pushed Looking Glass to the edge. Although Sony was, at one point, set to buy Looking Glass, after a managment shift they pulled out of that deal. Edios wasn't in very good shape financially, and couldn't get any loans from its creditors, and so Looking Glass shut down.

    Although, as you can see, no one factor killed off Looking Glass. Edios didn't, Edios' bankers didn't, sales of games didn't, Daikanata didn't, Deep Cover didn't, and Flight Combat didn't. The entire industry is very volatile, and after eleven years, finally blew up on Looking Glass.

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    I hated Theif and i thought it was one of the worst first person games ive ever played... but thats just my opinion


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