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Thread: Flt File Types....dont Get Them

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    If i have downloaded a game, and all the files that were in the package end in .FLT how do i get them to work?

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    flt is the release gourp, are you sure its not rar?
    just get winrar

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    i thought i was the only one who thought the evil monkey was funny.the files look like this, flt-001. and it goes from .001 all the way to .048 then it has flt.nfo and flt-sfv

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    Get winrar from the link muchspl2 gave you and open the first file (flt-001) with it, it should then open automatically all the others too and if you extract it you'll have none big file, most likely a bin file.

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    ok, i did that then when it wad done extracting it it went to a screen that said view, flt-halo.bin. I'm planning on using daemon tools to run the files, so do i have to select extract to specified folder (which i named halo) and then in daemon tools, select the bin file?

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    it wont even start, i selected flt-halo.bin in my halo folder i created. I have a better idea, someone who knows exactly what to do, tell me what you'd do if you downloaded halo flt files off bittorrent. I've downloaded it, extracted it to my halo folder i created, and then put the .bin file in daemon tools.

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    .bin files are for burning to cd just use nero then select burn image and then select the .cue file (make sure .bin is in same folder) then it will burn. Unless you are trying to mount this but I recommend just burning to disk and then keep them incase u want to use again.

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    flt-halo.001 to flt-halo.048, use rar to execute the .001 file. You should see a bin and a cue.

    Here's to using a blank CD-R only, not daemon tools.

    Download CDRWIN (Nero if you have, but I'm giving instructions for CDRWIN).

    When installed, select the first box on CDRWIN.

    Load .cue from the flt-halo download.

    (in the cue sheet make sure it just says flt-halo.cue and not anything else like c:\my documents\files\flt-halo.cue all whatever)

    make sure the bin is in the same folder as the cue.

    start burning.

    You should be done!

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    I don't know why everyone is having trouble loading halo with deamon tool
    a few of us tried with this guy a few days ago
    still don't know if he got it, I still think he was doing something wrong

    I as others I know had 0 problems mounting this to load

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