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Thread: Seedbox & windows web edition

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    Im thinking of getting a dedicated server, and i want to set it up for seeding/leeching torrents, in another words to make a seedbox out of it. Also, its going to be full duplex 1gbit connection. Since im a complete noob when it comes to linux, windows is my choice. Windows web edition appears to be the cheapest option, but i heard it has many limitations, and so i have some questions about it...

    Will i have any kind of limitation when it comes to seeding/leeching torrents?
    Will i be able to connect to my server via Remote Desktop Connection?

    Or perhaps there are other important things i should be awared of..

    Thanks in advance

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    Post in seedbox forum;

    Simple answer, forget windows for torrenting. To much I/O with windows and the system chokes. If your a linux noob, but OK at windows you will do just fine with Ubuntu Desktop version. You no machine nx to connect to server, similar to remote desktop. With a half decent dedicated server you should be able to seed and leech at 10MB/s at the same time with right amount of peers.

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    Thanks for your answer...
    And i thought its too much I/O when it comes to linx ;-) When i mentioned my noobness with linux i meant that i dont know anything at all about it, just nothing. I used it on the ready machine, but thats all. And before using linux it has to be installed and configged first - something that i'd have to do on my own without understanding it. I saw naq's big guide about setting up linux for seedboxing, its well written and nearly everything is nicely explained, but considering that i'd be doing it on my own and for the first time, chances that i will succeed arent very high. Wouldnt want to find myself completely stucked at some point and thus wasting money.. many unexperienced people have you seen there who went through this guide, being linux first time users, and passed it? I've seen none ;-) A lot of people with a lot of different issues..

    I would choose to go with linux just if there are limitations on windows web server that would make the seedbox's perfomance (seeding/leeching speeds) worse than the one with linux.

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    Trust me, I am a total newb with linux, but following tutorials here, I was able to setup a seedbox with utorrent using wine on a linux box and it ran great without the expense of paying for a windows license. If you know how to use a computer fairly well, you can set a seedbox up using linux just fine. Ask for help and forget the extra cost.


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