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Thread: Monster Hunter Freedom (PSP)

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    anyone play this game or it's counterparts? i just picked it up this week and am 35 hours into it. very addictive game! started out on the ps2 and since then it's been ported to the psp with updates and enhancements of such. the game in itself is kinda hard. u DO NOT lvl up. u basically have to go out in the world and kill dragons & dinosaurs. u in turn skin them and take what you've skinned back to town and have new weapons & armor made from it.

    as far as i can tell there are 6 levels. each level has about 10+ quests. you must kill a "boss" in order to advance to the next level. i'm currently ready for lvl 4, but i'm stuck on the boss atm so i can't advance into lvl 4 quests. throughout the quests u have an assortment of things to do. kill dinosaurs, pick berries, mine the mountains, fish, kill HUGE ass dragons, and the worst is egg delivering. basically u find out where the dragons eggs are located and carry it back to the start point. while carrying the egg u can not fight or get hit. if u do u start over. hard stuff.

    the problems in the game are the loading. it's ALWAYS loading. the other issue is the camera. apparently there are ppl who can use this camera quite well, but not me. i hate the camera. YOU have to control the camera at all times. there is no auto aim either. u must position yourself properly in order to correctly strike your enemy.

    there is an online mode thru wi-fi. if ur friend has this game u can go @ the dino's in packs. i think up to 4 ppl can be in a party. there is online/offline modes. u can solo the online modes, but there are harder. at the start of the game u can customize ur character. male/female, hair and color. you can wield 6 different types of weapons. u can wield all 6, but not at any one given time.

    here is an example of gameplay:


    you can also acquire cats in the game to be your personal cook! the cats in the game are called felynes. when they cook for you a buff is given out. depending on what they cook for u a different buff is administered. you can get a hp buff, defense, attack or stamina buff. the cats have their own leveling up system. the smarter the cats the better food they can cook for you. :p

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    never understood the hype behind this game...i guess maybe (most likely) because i'm not a big multi-player fan...the game is awfully boring if played alone

    oh also not a big online player...mostly play offline so that doesn't work
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