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Thread: Will Net neutrality end unlimited bandwidth?

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    Will Net neutrality end unlimited bandwidth?
    October 16, 2009

    " Net neutrality policies that prevent Internet service providers (ISPs) from managing network traffic based on content may end the age of unlimited Web use. Without the ability to intelligently manage their networks, ISPs are increasingly using data caps, often as low as 5 GB per month, to preserve bandwidth.

    A year ago the FCC was breathing down Comcast’s neck for throttling Internet traffic related to BitTorrent, the file-sharing protocol. With the threat of Net neutrality regulations looming, Comcast and other ISPs, agreed to drop BitTorrent traffic-management programs and generally treat all Web traffic as equal.

    However, the Net neutrality concession wasn’t free for consumers. AT&T, Comcast and Time Warner all rolled out monthly data caps shortly after the agreement.

    Without neutrality, ISPs are allowed to manage network traffic by restricting content. They may do so intelligently, or they could slow streaming video, disrupt P2P services and even block rival Web sites — which would be highly anti-competitive. Though frustrating, the data caps allow ISPs to conserve their limited bandwidth without relying on network-management techniques that violate net neutrality. "

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    Ok, how is any of this not illegal to do?
    Post something relevant that adds value, or keep yer trap shut like you was avoidin a sistaboy in prison.

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    That will neve work, because no one, will ever pay for an internet connection, whit 25mb download, if they can only use 5gb, i really doubt any isp in portugal, would accept this.
    P2p is the air they need to survive.


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