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Thread: How do I test the speed of a shared seedbox?

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    I am using a shared seedbox without root password. The only things I got are the remote control through WebUI and a FTP account. Is that possible for me to test the speed of my seedbox? If so, how?


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    It depends on which stream you want to test, ie. upload or download. It also depends if you have write (upload) privileges on the FTP account, as that would give a more accurate speed test as opposed to P2P.

    What I recommend doing is downloading this torrent:

    it has many good peers, I was able to get 11.2MB/s download. That will obviously test the server's download speed, now to test the upload speed we will use my cunning method for this, and that is Rapidshare. Make a collector's account for yourself (it's free), after logging in go to the remote uploads tab and input this url:

    LOGIN - your ftp username
    PASSWORD - your ftp password
    DOMAIN - the ftp server you connect to (hostname or IP address)
    PATH_TO_FILE - this is the path to file you see when connecting through your ftp client, for example /downloads/file9384.rar
    This will give you a very good idea of what your seedbox's upload and download speed is.

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    try contacting your seedobox provider and ask them for a speed test if that is what you are after?


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