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Thread: With Demonoid down, I need a decent backup..

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    I have generally been happy with my 3-4 private torrent sites, in which I have always been pretty much able to find the things I need the most..

    RevTT - For tv shows, software, games.. recent movies
    Bitme- for all the learning and books I get into.
    Pro-audiotorrents= for music prod software
    and Demonoid - For sort of a one stop shop for everything else..

    It is the everything else category that is severely lacking. I have now received 2 letters in the mail for hitting up public sites, and I am not willing to do so again.. I can provide screen shots of my account info at all but demonoid as it is down.. Generally, above 600gb uploaded at each, except p.a.t... I need something with a decent range of everything. I listen to a lot of books, so that would not hurt as well. My second letter was for an audio book.. I thought they only got upset about tv and movies..

    Anyways, if anyone has anything good to offer, I am open to suggestions. I will submit to any sort of tests you may require, as long as I can keep my clothes on... Thanks!!

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    whenever people agree with me, i always feel i must be wrong.

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    What language is that in by default? Need to know what to translate it from... If I have the wrong page, please provide a link to the right one.. thanks..

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    I believe it's russian.

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    ro would be romanian i think

    nevermind...i can't read...its ru so russian indeed
    Last edited by kooltilldend; 10-18-2009 at 11:54 AM.

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    Kukuska made a great review here, and translated most important things about the site into English. That should help you out if you have any trouble with the site.

    By the way, Zamunda(opens regularly) is another Demonoid-esque site worth checking out. It's a really great site.

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    You can register from 6:00PM to 7:00PM Moscow time

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    I tried to register, but unfortunately, translating became difficult.. Could not understand what I was doing, and every time I translated a page, it logged me out..

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    So if the translator logged you out then you signed up, right? If so, the hard part is done.

    Now, just type whatever you're looking for in the search box that's on the top right corner of the home page and press Enter. Your search results will then pop up.


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