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Thread: Infra Red Audio Recorder

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    Hi, Im looking for a way to record infra red sound directly. the sound is from wireless headphones. any1 got any ideas?

    thanks - F47

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    You would need an infared receiver with a cord to plug into the back of the PC in the line in or aux in inputs. The infared receiver of your headphones picks up the signal, amplifies it and then sends it to the phones. If you tapped off of your phones to a stereo plug for the back of the PC it should work. Id say look for a cheap pair of wireless headphones to use and get inside. then tap in before the amplifier system since you'll be using a superior one with your sound card with a stereo plug for the back of the PC. Stereo phones have three wires one common between the two channels and the other two left and right. When you examine a stereo plug you see three metal bands which correspond to right and left channels and of course the common negative for both channels.


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