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Thread: Rapidshare terminated my premium account because I downloaded their files?!

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    I wonder if anyone else has received this email from RS. I got it today and it doesn't seem to be a scam email because when I tried to login using my premium account, I got an error saying account could not be found. RS terminated my account because I have been downloading files from their server?!

    Dear Customer ########,

    Your RapidShare Premium account has been terminated due to violating our Conditions of Use.

    It has come to our attention that you have violated our Conditions of Use by downloading files, which violate the copyrights of third parties, and we are now in the process of terminating accounts that have downloaded these files. This is to ensure that more illegal content does not appear on our servers. We do not support or encourage the usage of illegal programs, music, or other media.

    The login data for the terminated account is:

    Account number: xxxxxxx
    Login alias: xxxxxx
    Password: xxxxx
    E-mail address: xxxxxx

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    I would assume the account got phished, and they got your details. First off, RS wouldn't mention your PW in an email, and secondly, warez downloaders are their biggest customers.

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    You got phished. Just send them an email and they'll sort it out. From now on make sure you check the links that you click on. Make sure they're not suspicious looking.

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    Did the email have a link to click though? Or was it just an email stating you were terminated? (unless you mean he got phished a different time ?)


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