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Thread: Anyone Miss Dragonball Z?

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    I definately miss it so much omggg....I miss watching it back in the days on cartoon network .....gosh the good old times!!

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    well DBZ isn't coming back but a remake sure has...u might wanna check it out

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    Yeah the remake started airing around April 2009 and has about 40 episodes so far I think. It's called Dragonball Kai you should check it out.

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    there is different between watch Dragon ball ( z / Gt )
    and watch the Dragon ball Ki
    cause the first version has more action , more episode the story is more understandable, not preview it in rush

    i already buy all DVD(S),(box) on 2003
    and i can‘t sick of watch it

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    i don't really miss DBZ

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    How about me?u think i miss it?

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    I'm watching right now at DragonBall when Goku was a little kid. I'm at 85th episode. This season has 150 episodes ). Hope to finish them soon

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    That's the beauty of Dragon Ball Z Kai! Looks a lot nicer and flows much smoother than the original.

    However, I must admit that watching them dubbed on Toonami brings back fond memories!

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    These series are the best. I am watching right now at Dragon Ball (ep. 130) when Goku is fighting Piccollo Jr.

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    One of best animes ever made! Watched as a kid, and definetly gonna watch when Dragonball Kai comes out in dubbed!

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