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Thread: what is the best tracker for mac?

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    I would like to know which track is the best for mac. I already have TL, SCC, SCT but they don't have that many mac app. Thanks

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    brokenstones.cs is a great site

    next time you can use the search option this subject has been discussed many times before
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    i did search "mac" nothing show up

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    Brokenstones and StC
    feels good, man

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    yeah i think StC has the better layout (gazelle) but brokenstones has been around longer - pretty much anything you want you'll find on both except maybe serials (check for those)

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    Brokenstones is much bigger and older, so it is easier to get into and easier to seed back. SavetheCoratee is slick looking and has some great crackers.

    I haven't browsed either in a few months, but I'm sure that's all the same.

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    Quote Originally Posted by buggyfresh View Post
    (check for those)
    And of course MacBB.
    feels good, man

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    if you want i can give you invite for Brokenstones.. just pm with your email

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    WIB is the best mac site for sure they have so many torrents and seeders and a great community too i think u would love it there it is the #1 mac site


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