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Thread: Question re: connectability

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    I'm new to these forums, I hope it's not too annoying that I'm popping in and posting a question right away,

    Can anyone tell me why I might be connectable on one tracker and not on another? I'm using uTorrent on Windows 7 with Comcast isp. I've forwarded ports, lists me as visible, uTorrent lists me as green and that ports are forwarded correctly, but only one private tracker lists me as connectable.

    What could I be missing?


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    Are you using a port somewhere in the range of 49152–65535? Some private trackers only allow the dynamic port range for your client.

    Other than that, all I can think of would be a software firewall (check to see if windows has it turned on by default) or that Comcast is messing with you (in the past, they've not been too receptive towards bittorrent traffic).
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    Some trackers report it inaccurately, like SCT for example.


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