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Thread: Strange login problem

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    Whenever I try to click on the bookmark to I get a window download; similar to that when you click a torrent to download. The url does not even appear in the tastbar.

    I am not banned from the tracker and the tracker is not down. I remove the cookies and I still get that error. I click save to see what is being forced to me and it was a incomplete pdf file. I did check for virus before opening it.

    What is this error and have anyone experience this? And by the way I got to this tracker because Demonoid is down and this site have what I need.

    ps i use firefox and win xp pro.
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    All I can really offer is that Abobe PDF reader has or did have a bad security issue...hope you opened it with something else.
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    I still can't login to the site and still have that same problem even after rebooting my pc. I did a scan too and no virus.

    OK, I have solved the problem and can login. I deleted my bookmark and log in from the link from my confirmation email.

    Still, I have no idea what the problem was.
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