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Thread: scenetorrents

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    is SCT banning poland IP ?
    if yes, there is no way to login with ?

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    Use your seedbox to login to those trackers, that resort to country ban. Behave and maybe one day, go to the staff channel, and say, im fucking polish, eat shit!

    Ps. I approve country bans, if well documented. Banning just because the other one banned, is not an excuse.
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    I'm sure there was another post about this on the forums but I don't feel like going back that far (apparently 2006) to dig it up - so I'm quoting a post made by feeling about 4 months ago when someone else brought up this topic:

    We explained the bans when they were put in place, .il / .pl back in 2006, .ro 2008.

    The way we worked is was NO new polish, Israel or Romanian people were allowed to sign up but the people that already had accounts kept them, and if they fucked up like cheated or what not then they would be gone. This obviously happened and im happy to say that we are left with the Polish, Romanian and Israeli people that deserve to keep there accounts. Since we banned these countries, we very rarely get any Polish or Israeli person getting disabled for cheating / hacking accounts. Romania was banned for a completely different reason, that was we would get 10-20 people a day coming to the support channel saying their account had been hijacked, so we would look at the last ip on the account and 95% of the time it would be Romanian, and they also used cheat clients and usually caused mishap. But since the ban, the bad ones are gone and the good ones stayed.

    So what we did was for the good of the site and the community, not because its racist (i lold).

    I will tell you now that we are looking to the same for maybe one or two other countries also as they are also being a pain in the ass with account hijacking and cheating.

    Hope this explains why we did it for the people that were not around when we banned the countries.

    (I assume staff is alright with this...)

    A logical an reasonable enough explanation to me.
    So if you have an account at SCT in good standing and you're from one of the aforementioned countries you shouldn't have any issues.
    If you think you were banned (unfairly or otherwise) you can always ask in the SCT IRC support channel.

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    you have an account you should know this no?

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    I would tend to think then that he is trying to trade with a polish user and is wondering whether he would be able to log in...


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