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    I downloaded adaware 6.0 pro amd the reg key but when i click on the files its says unzipped 2 files successfully but there is no change to my adaware program at do i upgrade using this downladed file???

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    if u just unzipped the files, then how are u running the program? did u have a previous installtion of it? also, this section is about KL Related questions. Try SOFTWARE section. welcome aboard.

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    U have to go to the folder where u unzipped those files.

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    Originally posted by Gre1@8 October 2003 - 07:36
    U have to go to the folder where u unzipped those files.
    Yeah then run the keygen or whatever from their. Once you have the serial you might have to run ad-aware and go to help and their should be something around their asking for a serial or something. If you don't know where you unzipped try unzipping it again and it will say a directory thats were the previous one should be also. Otherwise you might have to unzip the file in the same directory as ad-aware.


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