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Thread: What Would You Do?

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    Sep 2003
    is everything.
    The scenario is that all the heads of the RIAA have been killed off in a fatal and gruesome accident (like in King Ralph) and you've neen traced back as next in line to become Overlord of the RIAA.

    How would you run it? Would you work against the system secretly and bring the organisation down to its knees? Or would the power go to your head and you'd become an evil dictator happily suing your old p2p peers and 12 year-olds?

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    I'd destroy them from within !!! I wouldn't work against them secretly - I'd make it clear that I am a P2P supporter.

    And break all their office furniture, smash all their windows, and smear snot all over the walls!!!! And put up a massive KaZaA Lite logo banner thingy on the outside walls of their HQ: "KaZaA Rulezzz the World now!!! Down with the RIAA !!!"

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    Two words: killing spree

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    sexually harass all the female workers there and pay myself a big fat check

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    use klite and download copyrite material all day. (who is gona come after me?? me )

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    nope, I always share my thoughts openly - but this is a difficult situation and
    many people working for music companies and sharing in free time have to
    manage this in some ways... I am sure there are these people...



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