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Thread: Smoking In The Rain .::. Game Over

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    As stated on site:

    It's after long deliberation and with great saddness that we bring you the news that SITR will not be returning online.
    SITR has unexpectedly suffered from one of it's servers failing completely and needing to be replaced. Considering SITR's prior state as well as the time involved to fix this, all we would be bringing back is the remains of dead site. After what have already been many months of struggle and digging in deep in order to hang on with SITR lacking the member support to survive, the means required to resolve this are just not there.
    With a heavy heart towards those few that stood by SITR right up to it's last minute, we are left no other choice then to conclude that SITR's current situation is beyond repair and that our only option left is to shut SITR down permanently.
    We're thankful to all of you that have been a member at SITR and appreciate the time you've spent here with us. No doubt all of you and us will find other sites to call our "home", but we do not wish to just turn off the light on SITR and leave all of you behind in the dark.
    Any of you that may have questions regarding SITR's situation or Anyone looking for a new place to join is welcome at .
    Any of you that wish to come in and say your goodbyes are welcome to do on our irc. ( #sitr)
    There goes one of the first sites ever to ban entire countries.

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    what a day / who´s next ?
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    What a shame.

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    One more down. Really bad day
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    we make a life by what we give

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    Smokin' in the rain
    Bad newz.
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    I've never used the site so I don't know what I was missing, but it's always sad to witness a tracker go down


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    So many sites have gone down this week .

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    ghurka's Avatar Welsh Bhoy BT Rep: +5
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    RIP SITR....was a nice friendly site with very experienced staff there. Unfortunately this week has shown that literally any site could go at a moment's notice..

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    2 down in same day?

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    RIP although entirely different scenario. Once I logged in to notice the rar vs. non-rar thread having disappeared a few months ago, not locked or trashed but actually physically removed, I lost everything for that site. This doesn't surprise me at all.

    Always sad to see a site go down, but in this case staff turned a quite decent community tracker into some shit almost scene only site. Many members left way before this happened. People lost respect for the staff and for the site.

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