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Thread: Streaming Video

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    Can this be done ? I couldnt find any information on the forum

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    did you try right clicking and save as?

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    there are many programs for doing this, depending upon the KIND of streaming vid you wanna save, example, realone format, or quicktime or windows media, etc...mosy of the quicktime ones you can save by right-clicking and choosing save as.

    one suggestion i can give you in general is to try out cocosoft's 'stream down' [i don't have the link so please search on google] this prog boasts of being able to download anything you throw at it. however, it hangs my system when its downloading and 'unhangs' only when the downloads done, sometimes even leaves the download can give it a shot, see what your experience is

    edit - i could have given you more info but i just saw 'requiem for a dream' and i m a bit down right now.

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    Try what muchspl2 and thacowboy3 said first, if that doesn't work try this prog,....

    I use this for recording streams (supports any format)


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    ok ta, ill try that


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