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Thread: Good VPN

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    Hey people, I'm writting from France and as you might know, a new anti-piracy law has been approved.
    That's why I'm looking for a fast, reliable VPN service to cover my tracks.
    I have 15$ a month to spend.
    Thanks all

  2. BitTorrent   -   #2 or, each $5 per month.

    verify that your vpn is always enabled with

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    is relakks really fast?
    I'd like no loss on my download speed, which is about 12000kbps

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    Try to find a VPN which offers a private IP address. Not a shared IP/IP range. If you use a shared addres, some cheater/scammer/trader scum using the same VPN service might get caught and then that IP will be banned on some of your trackers.

    This happened to the popular Ivacy VPN service a couple of months back. Most private trackers don't like shared proxies anyway, it's against their rules.

    Speed depends on where the VPN is situated. For you, don't get a VPN situated in the US, Russia/Swiss might be fast enough but one in France or somewhere nearby will be the fastest obviously.

    With $15/month you should be able to find what you're after.

    bonne chance

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    anyone has tried ?
    it costs 17$ a month, but it looks top notch

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    >Try to find a VPN which offers a private IP address

    Only if you're using a private tracker. Doesn't matter for public trackers.

    >costs 17$ a month

    Anything that costs $17 a month is all from the same company, They have the identical service under many different names (, torrentfreedom, etc.)

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    if you have some money, have more options than you imagine

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    Just signed up with CIENEN - $14.95mo they offer VPN with dedicated IP's in UK, USA and CAN..I do take a hit on speed as I am on West Coast USA and have a UK Dedi IP..

    My usual cable connection tests out at about 15-17 Mbit/s and with the VPN, hits between 1.5-3 Mbit/s - Not very scientific results, just running

    I also had, TORRENT FREEDOM as above, which is another Baneki outfit running sister to CryptoCloud service, supposedly optimized and dedicated to p2p traffic. Offers GeoChoice VPN service from NL, UK and USA...$17mo

    I noticed some drop in speed but it was a while ago and I only used it for a month so I don't remember details..FYI, They state that because they offer choice in the use of TCP vs UDP protocalls they in effect offer permanent IP's but that they find UDP connections are much faster..

    Make of it what you will..personally I like having a permanent, dedicated IP myself..Here's the thread:

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    thanks for your help people
    I'm now hesistating between purevpn and cienen, both 15$, both dedicated UK IP

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    I am using pure vpn, the speed is not so fast,and the customer support is also slow,on weekends the service is overloaded...

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