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Thread: HELP! horror/comedy woman rocking stabed w knittitng needles twin brothers

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    I saw a movie when I was young and can not find anyone who remembers it or the title. I hope someone here can help me, I am about to to nuts!

    This is how I remember it:

    B&W, a young girl, the niece of twin brothers Casper and Jasper, Casper was a ghost. Casper was trying to help the girl by telling her about Uncle Jasper, and how he was murdering family members so he could have all the family fortune. There was a Old Woman who sat in a rocking chair knitting and rocking. At one point in the movie the girl sees the rocking chair rocking but facing backwards, when she turns the chair around the camera zooms in on the old woman dead with her knitting needles sticking out of her. (That was the worst part of the movie as I remember)

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    THANK YOU!! TCM could not even help me!! Do you know if there is somewhere I can watch this on line for free or if I will have to buy this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vintage View Post
    THANK YOU!! TCM could not even help me!!
    Ehh..forget about it. Do you know who you're talking to my friend? You're talking to Idol, the master of cinema

    U can find the movie here . Sorry that I don't have an invite to the site, but you should be able to find one in the invite section.

    Try this thread


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