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Thread: Spybot Help

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    Ive had Spybot for a couple of weeks now and never had a problem with it but i updated it and then a couple of days later it stopped a certain number and either stopped or went very slow. The thing it slows down on is C2.lop. What is this and what can i do to get spybot working properly?

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    try running spy sweeper

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    you dont have a browser hijacker (at least i dont think so), this is an error with older versions of spybot, or older updates. update spybot again, if that doesnt work, download a new copy, and update that one.

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    yup Mik3ll is rite

    From the Spybot website:

    "Why does the scan hang during detection of C2.lop? link FAQ #022

    The exact reason isn't yet known, as this error seems to be sporadic and only on a few machines, but there's a simple way around it. Start Spybot-S&D in advanced mode, open the Excludes section, and select C2.lop for exclusion of the scan (tick the checkbox in front of the C2.lop entry). This will avoid scan of C2.lop until a bugfix comes out (soon).

    Update (May 7th): the reason for this hang is a corrupted file, located either in the Temp or in the Application Data folder. There is an update available that can deal with this problem; if you check for updates, be sure to download the one named File check library. Or download the manual updater if you don't want to use the update function."

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    Originally posted by Laine@8 October 2003 - 21:48
    try running spy sweeper
    Yeha, that will sort it.


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