Buying Railway Tickets
Three priests went to buy tickets for the train to Pittsburgh. When they got to the ticket counter they discovered that the only ticket agent on duty was a very busty young woman who was wearing a very low cut top. As none of the three was very worldly this posed a serious problem. After a short discussion it was decided which of the three would buy the tickets.

The one selected for the job approached the ticket counter and found that he could not take his eyes of the young woman's breasts. When she asked how she could help him he stammered out, "I'd like three pickets to Tittsburgh." At that point he fled in embarrassment.

The next one screwed up his courage and went up to the counter. But his self control failed him and his eyes strayed to the woman's breasts and at that point all he managed to blurt out was, "I'd like three tickets to Pittsburgh and please give me the change in nipples and dimes." He too then fled in embarrassment.

The third priest seeing how his brothers had embarrassed themselves was determined not to do the same. He summoned every ounce of self control he possessed and went up to the counter. Being sure to maintain eye contact he calmly said "I'd like three tickets to Pittsburgh and please give the change in nickels and dimes." The young woman completed the transaction as requested and gave him the tickets and change.

But at this point the third priest's sense of moral outrage took over. Looking the young woman up and down he admonished her, "young lady if you continue to dress in such an immodest and provocative fashion when you arrive at the Pearly Gates St. Finger will be shaking his Peter at you!"