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Thread: Can You Get A Virus From Just Browsing A Website?

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    Can you get a virus from just browsing? Or do you actually have to download something?

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    you cant get a virus as such form just a html site, but internet explorer has certain security holes in it that are widely exploited and can be something as simple as a malicious hyperlink.

    vbscript's are notorious for containing nasties so it is definetly possible to visit a website and get a virus if your security setting are not set properly.

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    I have all microsoft security patches. Should I be ok?

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    If you keep your computer updated with the latest patches and don't disable security settings in're fine.

    You're far more likely to have spyware of some sort seep in then a virus.

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    Absolutely, it's happened to me twice. I used to only run my virus scanner on individual files as I downloaded them because I thought you could only get a virus by opening an infected file. But as soon as I installed XP a few weeks ago, I got the Blaster Worm just by logging on to the Internet. Then a few days ago, I found I had received the Qhosts Trojan from going to the wrong website. Here are the details...

    I've since installed Norton Systemworks 2004 and I keep it running all the time. It has already warned me against entering a site because it contained a virus.

    The Internet is really starting to SUCK!

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    Yes You can get a virus from a website.


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    Originally posted by E-@9 October 2003 - 03:31
    If you keep your computer updated with the latest patches and don't disable security settings in're fine.
    Incorrect, read THIS, and ul reconsider.

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    wth kinda webpages you ppl going to?

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    Yes you can get a virus from just browsing a website, but your most likely safer with Opera than you are with IE.

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