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Thread: Spacey And Vaughan

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    Spacey and Vaughan - Earth (Live Forever)

    Its a trance track which someone asked me for and I thought I had it on disk but its no-where to be seen and I cannot find it on any of the fileshare progs.

    So who can find the impossible to find track then....??

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    ok, Is trance similar to techno - cause my cousin has many techno
    music mp3s (from napster, audiogalaxy, soulseek)...

    My advice: Be sure to search on:

    5.Audiogalaxy Usergroups
    6.having asked some friends...
    7.emule, piolet and other...

    the first are the most possible for sources...

    and if you cannot find it anyway: ask to order it on cd at local cd shop or amazon...
    and if the cd is no longer produced - it happens - complain at music company or RIAA!!! but if you can order cd start to share hard to find songs, that is what I do -
    cause especially hard to find songs are hard to find and we need more sources for them!!!


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