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Thread: Mobo ?

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    will the motherboard above, allow me to oc a barton 2500 to a 3200xp? i know it's possible with most recent mobo's but does anyone know if this one will do it specifically?


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    It might be possible, but I can't find anyone who has done it with that version. Why not just get the 'Pro' version. It's nearly the same price and very overclockable. Here's both so you can compare the price and options. It comes with a good amount of monitoring and tweaking options - from review: This powerful control panel features three user-friendly functions including Overclock Manager, Overvoltage Manager, and Hardware Monitor. With the Overclock Manager, users can easily adjust the frequency they prefer or they can get the best CPU speed with just one click. The Overvoltage Manager, on the other hand, helps to power up CPU core voltage and Memory voltage. Also, the cool Hardware Monitor smartly indicates the temperatures, voltage, CPU fan speed as well as the chipset information. In addition, the frequency statuses of CPU, memory, AGP, and PCI along with the CPU speed are synchronically shown on our main panel. I warn you though, I have a 2500 barton, and you better have some quality cooling if you're gonna push it. They run HOT.

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    Easy, simply change the FSB clock from 166.7 to 200MHz and your there.
    Then warm your hands for a few seconds on the glowing chip.

    Gumbydancin is right, you are going to need some SERIOUS liquid cooling for that amount of overclocking. I think I would probably be right in saying it would be cheaper to buy the XP3200 processor, unless you already have the cooling required.
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    Thanks for the replies all...

    i do have the cooling required. liquid... and thanks for the heads up on that other mobo, i didn't see that one in my search.



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