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Thread: Can Anybody Name This Song?

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    Hi all- was hoping that somebody can help me out- I'm not a big BUCK CHERRY fan, but there's a song of their's that I'd like to get. I have no idea what the name of the song is, cause they dont play it very often on the radio here where I live. I wish that I knew more of the words too, the only line that pops into my head right now is: "she only loves you cause she's fucked in the head"

    I know that's not a whole lot to go on, and I'm sorry- any thoughts on what the name of this song is?

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    Try Buckcherry - Ridin

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    iv never herd of them before but lit it up seems to be there most popular song so if u herd it on the radio id guess thats it

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    I&#39;ll try Ridin, thanks&#33; Er....>ahem< as soon as I get my sound working again after the damned webcam that I installed ruined my sound drivers. Dont worry about the sound prob anybody. I know how to get it fixed...just waiting on a replacement CD from one of the software companies.
    word to the wise...dont ever buy a VEO webcam...this thing was a total piece of CRAP.

    BTW- no, twasnt Lit Up...they play the living hell out of that one here...gotten to the point where I change channels whenever I hear it come on the radio. Thanks for the input tho, it&#39;s still appreciated

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    who&#39;s buck cherry?

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    not real sure exactly who they are, I dont listen to them much, like I said, they play the livin&#39; hell outta them on the radio. I just wanted the song for that one kinda describes the situation tween him and my sister-in-law HAHAHA

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    Ridin was it&#33; Thanks a lot

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    Lit up is quite an old choone now

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    goes to show the quality of the rock radio here in Kansas City, that they are still playing it a lot, dont it?


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