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Thread: 2 Users Only

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    Since i changed my kazaalite version, i'never got more than 2 users when i asked for more sources. I've already changed my max sources per files (12) and it hasn't changed anything, ive still got only 2 users.... By consequences, my dowloads are really low: in a usual day my up/dow is about 10/1...What happened?

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    Feb 2003
    nothing, just play with the accelerator options

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    sorry, i might not explain myself clearly enough : when i use the accelerator, i never get more than 2 users for connecting, not even 3, never!(usually, i'm not even able to connect to one...) Perhaps there's something to do with the accelerator, but i don't know what.

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    It could be (but not likley) the partictular file only has 2 users or you've just went on at a bad time.


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