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Thread: Klb Radio Searches Dj For Wed + Thurs.

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    I am glad to tell you that KLB Radio now can offer you
    on all other Weekdays at least one show - but we still need
    guys who could offer some shows on Wednesday and Thursdays :)
    could be also only one hour, but would be nice if on every weekday
    at least one show :)

    thanks anyway, david.

  2. Lounge   -   #2
    Maybe we should find a solution for the names of our "stations" hehe. If you want KLB Radio then we will just switch over to "The Lounge" radio. Just let me know fi you want KLB and then Ill have my designers change the logo's / design etc

    I guess it's better that there are different names or else people will be confused


  3. Lounge   -   #3
    the lounge - my radio is called sfgi - society for global issues.
    but at the moment I have less time to regularly broadcast from my own
    server, that is why I asking to broadcast one hour - on saturday, from
    0am - 1am or so... through klb :)

    if you want to design a logo for my sfgi - sfgi is an organisation which
    try to take care of people issues :) - just feel free, but you do not have to do
    it right now, only if you want...

    thks :)


  4. Lounge   -   #4
    k i guess you got me wrong hehe

    What i mean is if there are multiple stations we should all have one name which is unique.

    Your post for example: Klb Radio Searches Dj For Wed + Thurs., other weekdays conatains at least 1 show

    could mean that our KLB is looking for people so people could get confused. So my offer was if you want the KLB then you can have it and we rename ours to something else

    Confused people is not the best way to do entertainment

  5. Lounge   -   #5
    You're far too diplomatic Darker I would have just dos'd him or something.

    Too many people ripping each other off here lately.

  6. Lounge   -   #6
    lol well i just try to make it easy to understand for all. I don't care about the name since it's community radio what i try to do

    Who cares about the name anyways - just want to make sure that people are not confused then everything is ok with me.

    The point: Entertainment is fun

    Edit: oki changed everything to "The Lounge"

    So feel free to use KLB

  7. Lounge   -   #7
    yes, I know what you mean - I also think that every user is different, but
    the lounge is good, but broadcast cause of K-Lite :) so I will name
    my radio station additionaly: K-Lite/The Lounge - sfgi Radio

    K-Lite/The Lounge - sfgi Radio

  8. Lounge   -   #8
    I just don't think this guy will ever get it., get your own damn name and promos.

    Stop ripping off other people!

  9. Lounge   -   #9
    ripping off? no, just saying what I think

    no, indeed my name is still sfgi - but if someone would be happier...

    S.F.G.I - The only true K-Lite radio
    There is no other - hehe...

    NOW on 104,50 FM - Thje only true pirate radio station
    offering you the best morning program of the world.

    don't take it too serious... above, just thinking some moments...

    Ok what is true that If I could I would organize a small pirate radio
    station - cause shoutcast is nice but you can't receive it with your
    normal radio and a real station - heheh - that is the best...


  10. Lounge   -   #10
    Dude, Darker changed the name to the Lounge ,because you copied the name and yours has nothing to do with his one. So keep yours called KLB or SFGI or whatever as long as it is not called the same as Darker's. Otherwise its just confusing.
    "The only true K-Lite radio"

    Just in case this isn't clear what is your native language?


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