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Thread: Halo 1.02 Runs Like Sh..

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    May 2003
    Got Halo from Bittorent applied the official patch.

    When i run halo the game freezes from time to time or peforms very poorly. When i open taskmanager and return to the game immediately the game continues.

    I've tried every solution from video setting: 1600x1200 up to 800x600 and every audio setting

    The game runs on a P4 2.6G ATI Readon 9600 Pro 128 and has onboard leatek AC97 soundcard. This sould not be the problem

    Only thing i can think of is:
    - the games tries to access the internet automaticly via cable OR
    - in the sound settings menu: enviromental sound and hardware acceleration are options i can't choose from in the menu. They aren't highlighted. So i guess the game performs audio always on a software bases.

    Anyone has these same problems or better has a solution.

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    Oct 2003
    i think it could be your card (i heard radeons don't work well) but i could be wrong..
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    i think its ur sound i had a problem with my on board sound and gta3, i just bought a cheap 16 bit soundcard, turned off onboard sound and it run sweet. i dont know about halo could be a thought ?


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