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Thread: Having Problem With A Movie

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    I just downloaded a video, but the screen is broken, like wiggly....
    I'm not sure if this happened in the process of ripping, but is there a way to fix this thing?
    I mean, I would just throw it away if it was the whole screen I'm talking about, but it's just a small portion of it, the corner....and it took me a long time to download it, so I really wanna watch it...

    I'm not sure if there is a way to fix this, but someone could help me..

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    Sounds like a Vhs to me and the tracking was out when they recorded it,can't help with the fix unless its a small wiggle then you could use something like VirtualDub to resize the screen to get rid of the wiggle.
    I use this program to get rid of timers etc.


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