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Thread: Building A Computer From Scratch

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    i am buying the parts for a new comp:

    AMD ATHLON XP2400+

    MSI K7N2G Mother Board

    512MB DDR266 PC2100

    Western Digital Caviar 120Gb 7200rpm EIDE Hard Drive

    Optorite 4x DVD Burner +/-

    Samsung 52x Internal IDE CD-ROM Drive

    High Quality Round IDE Cable

    AC Power Lead atx

    JNC 4JA-520 Midi Tower Case w/350

    Antec Smart case Fan 60mm

    Relisys TE770 17ins monitor

    Chic Wireless Intelligent Keyboard And Mouse Combo

    Panasonic Floppy Drive

    am i missing any thing?Are this makes decent?

    Many thnks

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    Video card, sound card, speakers, modem &/or network card

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    on something.
    Graphics, sound and Lan are intregrated on this model of mobo I think, Modem I don't know about, but if yer on cable I'm not sure it's needed.

    Graphics and sound could be better but the nice thing about this setup is that you can always upgrade later and the integrated stuff isn't too shabby for a start.

    I like the MOBo, I'd probably get some more stuff, and a mouse and keybord that weren't wireless (hate it when the batteries go out), but that's just me.

    It looks like you've got it mostly covered, you might need some extra screws and a tube of arctic silver when you put it together, but you'll have to wait and see if any extra stuff is needed to put things together when you have it all.

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    Get a cool Case with side window and lots of neon lights

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    also look HERE for some more input I got.

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    Cpu cooler if it's not the retail cpu.

    And if you are thinking of overclocking, I'd go for DDR333 (PC2700) memory. In fact I'd probably go for that anyway, considering the marginal price difference, you can still run it as if it is DDR266.

    And go for a lower speed 80mm case fan - same price and performance, less noise, always assuming that case will take an 80mm fan. If not, change the case.
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