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Thread: Router Into Router?

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    Hi, wondering if wiring an adsl/modem into a new wireless router will work, i just got the wireless router and have been using the adsl modem/router so far, can I use the two together or is there a way to disable the router in the adsl modem, its just otherwise i have to buy a new adsl modem, thanks for any ideas.

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    what are ADSL Modem & Router models?

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    It's just an adsl modem with a router built in, like this but minus the hub : router/modem

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    I suppose you can connect the 2 routers together.

    I think you need just a twisted or rollover cat5 utp cable but i cant rememebr which.

    *cough i should know im doing cisco at the minute and the topic is routers.

    edit: i looked through my notes and it is a rollover cable.

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    Thanks a lot for the help, saves me buying another modem. Just a fairly stupid question hehe, i've always thought of cat 5's as "normal" and crossover (the one you'd use for connecting a pc directly up to another pc's network card), when you say rollover is do you mean what i'd call a crosover?

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    You certainly can't hurt anything by trying it, but you may need to play with network addresses. The whole point of a router is that it routes information from one network to another, so the network addresses on each side of your wireless router have to be different.

    I suspect that both routers will try to use the range by default, you probably need to change one of them to use a different range (such as so that they do not conflict. You can do this as follows on the modem/router

    1. Type the address of the router ( into the address bar of your web browser.
    2. Basic setup -> Ethernet TCP/IP -> 1st IP address= with 1st subnet mask
    change the 1st IP address to
    DHCP Server activate = Yes
    Start IP address=
    change the Start IP address to

    Save this and restart your router. Note, from this point on you will have to use the address to configure the router. Since this is non-standard, stick a label on the router with it's new address. It will help you in the future if you forget or if you decide to sell it.

    To clear things up:
    Cat5 is the cable specification, whether normal of crossover.
    4play's notes must be wrong, you need a crossover cable.
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