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Thread: Article On The Biggest Problem On Kazaa Lite

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    Article on the biggest problem on KaZaA Lite and I beleve in filesharing in genaral

    In order to get these songs from you, they first have to do a network search for some of the more popular artists. From there, if they find a few artists that are on their trigger list, they will then view a suspects shared directory. This is where file-sharers are most vulnerable. Once they have that list and see you have over 1,000 songs, you've now become a more probable target of the RIAA.
    if you hide your shared directory from view then it would really matter how many songs your sharing. I beleve they need ip, list of songs and there file sizes and thay can`t get that if you hide your shared directory from view.

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    that don't apply to klite we have the privacy patch thx paul


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