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Thread: Installing Downloaded Software

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    After more than an hour of searching the entire forums and FAQ's, I'll go ahead with my newbie question.

    I downloaded the game Motocross Madness, it was successful and is now sitting in my folder (all 160 Mb), but I cannot open it or install it. This is the first software download that I have done on Kazaa, but I have downloaded games and installed -them before. I don't know what I am missing or forgot to do.

    -The file was an .exe file.
    -It is not a zipped file so I don't how else I would have to extract it.
    -The icon is the symbol SFX in yellow letters with 3 little books behind the letters.
    -I double click it and the cursor shows that it is working for like 10 sec but then nothing, there's no prompting to start the installer.
    -I go to Start>Run>browse and choose Motocross Madness.exe from it's folder and still nothing.
    -When I right click the icon there is not the usual options like OPEN or EXPLORE so that I could see what's inside.

    It's just 160 Mb of a worthless 1 hour long game download that I'll just have to delete unless I can get some help.

    I know how noone wants to get involved in these big long problems, so I appreciate anyone who is willing to help out.

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    you should be able to extract it with winrar altho 160MB i'm not sure you got the whole thing i could be wrong

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    was it a verified file or did you just dl it?

    it may be a faulty program or a virus.

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    Sounds like a winrar file to me an dat that size it is likely a trial version.I downloaded that game from kazaa many times an dnever got a proper version.
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    Thanks guys,

    I restarted my comp and then tried it again and it finally opened and I was able to get in to the folders and poke around but then it started to ask me to reinstall the game so I said to heck with it.


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