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Thread: Imdb-grab

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    IMDb-Grab - retrieve detailed movie information

    IMDB-Grab is a small and simple tool that helps you retrieve detailed movie information from Internet Movie Database ( Just type in the name of the movie(s) and it will return a thumbnail of the cover, cast information, and various other movie specific details, as well as IMDB comments and vote statistics. The results can be viewed from within the interface or exported to Excel format. IMDb-Grab provides a simple interface, but works well. The search results can be configured and it supports IMDB member logins as well.

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    looks cool ill give it a go

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    Thanks mate.This will come in handy..I'm always checking out movies at imdb.And it do piss me off going back&forth all the time.Plus the search seems to be messed up at the moment at the imdb site.

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    yep thanks SH

    seems like a gr8 little porgram

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    Nice Find SH!!!


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