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Thread: Jamming?

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    hey people, since I'm new I just start the question

    HMmmm..recently when doing a search on K-Lite I get hundreds of result from what I think are fake users. Typically they have a username like george324@... and appear to me as to be generated. What gives it away is that they all have a very high bandwith (3000+ for a single user) and when I start downloading they always give a 'remotely queued' status. Try doing a search for tombraider II and you'll se what I mean. Does anyone agree with Paramount (:x) 'jamming our signal'? or me just being paranoid?

    I'll try the verifieds from now on...

    greetings zdDog

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    [FONT=Arial]Exactly the same problem - loads of users but just get qued most of time and for most of the day!!!

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    Inquery: how many of you have noticed the same?

    some statistics please....

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    yeah, noticed it myself, been trying to download with Paramount name files and get the usual either queued, or searching, think they are fakes, but dont really know, just guessing!

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    Bob Marley? Where?

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    the correct search term btw is &#39;tomb raider&#39; instantaneous results..


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