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Thread: T4 Will There B 1

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    May 2003
    arnie is governer he said dat he will not b making anymore movies while he is in office. i heard dat if they make t4 in will proberly not have arnie in it.

    so who would b the good terminator and who would b da bad terminator. do u even care.

    i thought arnonld from different strokes would star as da good terminator and
    Jean clud van dam would be da bad in T4 da Quest for fame

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    Yes, there will be a Terminator 4.

    No, I don't think Arnie will be in it.

    I don't know if I care or not at this point.

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    they wud prolly just have the "metal" terminators in the next film. So need for arnie anyways

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    The chick outa t3 will be in it and I think arnie will still be there but not as a major role, I heard he's already worked on t4 before he got elected, so I'd say he'd play a small part. Maybe computer generatored armies of arnies

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    Imo t3 sucked quite abit...By the time it started it finished.Serious lack of good action...I'd obviously watch T4..I 'm not fussed if they make it or not.

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    I hope they don't make a t4, they already runied the terminator series with t3 , making a t4 wud just drag it further down the gutter...

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    T4 without arnie will be like cheese without milk. so terminator 4 will be bad

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    i thought T4 came out already but played on CNN and FoxNews and not the theaters

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    Feb 2003
    i thought T4 came out already but played on CNN and FoxNews and not the theaters 

    Yeah, i saw it too!!

    With George Bush as Terminator.....

    IMHO arnie was smarter......& better looking.....


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    Originally posted by tarzan@10 October 2003 - 06:07
    i thought T4 came out already but played on CNN and FoxNews and not the theaters
    yeah it's just starting, actually. T4 will consist of Arnie royally f*cking up California, even more than the previous dumb-ass governor.

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