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    1) p2p speed and reliability can't compete with iTunes & co ftp servers.
    2) If Sharman wants ME to act as THEIR ftp server, they better start paying rent.
    3) If someone asks $ 0.99 for 1 song, I might as well go to the shop for a Various Artists album.
    4) DRM cripple ware songs that can't be used on a car stereo or portable player. No thanks.

    iTunes is Mac only. Napster is USA only and to expensive. OD2 is cripple ware .wmv only.
    So I'm still looking for someone that offers songs in Europe, useable on all my audio players and for the right price. Nothing on the horizon yet.

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    Napster is USA only and to expensive
    I just went to their website, and it automatically detected that I am outside the USA and not allowed to register. What is the point in that? I don't understand why it can't work in every country?

    Of course, K-Lite is way way better and free, but I was just curious to see what's happening.

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    They're only saying that to make themselves look good, they know the RIAA will never agree to it.

    And like Aimless said, if I were to buy music digitally, it'd have to be useful for PCs, and in mp3 format without any crappy restrictions on it. But to be honest I'd probably keep downloading for free whatever the cost was, cause I really just don't have the money now for spending on music.

    That's also a good point about using us as ftp servers, I mean, we're paying for all the bandwidth and storage space, Sharman themselves wouldn't be doing shit. Perhaps if you got the music for cheaper based on how much you uploaded? Not a bad idea methinks...

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    Interesting posts everyone. If sharman(kazaa) starts to charge people, there will just be another new file sharing program that will pop up.
    Sparkle, awhile ago you wrote that everything should be free or something like that, I'd kind of like to see that happen too. Perhaps once we can replicate all material things through nanotechnology.


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