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Thread: Only Downloading At 0.15kb/s

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    I had this problem too, to fix it all you need to do is toggle the 'Extra upload bandwith when idle' option on then click Apply and then turn it off again.

    Job done!

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    that options should have nothing to do with download speeds, read the FAQ and search the forum for your answer.

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    i know it shouldnt have anything to do with it.. Its a bug..
    for some reason kazaa stops you downloading with anygreat spead... i think it thinks your idle all the time and lets you upload at full spead.

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    strange it works fine on three computers I have without using that options.

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    This is the problem to which i refer

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    This very same problem is happening to me! My downloads in K-lite are .07 kb/s ,im not try to complain but this issue really sucks , and plus it takes too long to download a 4 mb song (10 hours lets say ?)

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    A connection that's SEVERELY overloaded on uploads will experience slowed downloads as well.
    TCP/IP net connections, particularly DOWNLOADS demand an upload "ACK" reply for EVERY data packet they send before they send more, unless they're pipelined (like BitTorrent seems to be.)
    If ALL your upload bandwidth is used up, it's very hard to slip those "ACK" replies in to keep the download coming.


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