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Thread: Lost Access To Hotmail

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    All of a sudden, Hotmail is reporting my browsers not supported. I run IE6, Opera 7.2 and MSIE2. Hotmail says I must upgrade to IE 4.0 or later, so am a bit baffled.

    Any help appreciated.


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    You must allow cookies to access hotmail. On IE go to tools>options>Click on the privacy tab. If it's set as high lower it to midium. Or if you are using a firewall you must let the fire wall allow cookies. When i used sigate I had set it to surf the net on stealth mode. Eveytime i wanted to check hotmail if i didnt change the setting to "Allow All" i would get that same message. Same goes for Norton.

    Hope this helps

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    Catracho. Spot on. It was Sygate stealth mode. Ver strange how it reported an out of date browser. Anyway, many thanks for the help.




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