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Thread: Outpost Firewall

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    Anyone use this? I downloaded it to see what it was like. Uninstalled ZA, rebooted, installed Outpost, rebooted, and what do I see? The blue screen of death for the first time since I started using XP pro. So it was into safe mode and Outpost was removed.

    I would like to hear peoples thoughts on Outpost.

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    seemed fine for ME - haven't tried it since i installed XP
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    i use it and i have nevr had any problems with it.

    i like it alot better then some of the firewals i have tried since it does give you lots of details about what is accessing the internet and what is incoming.

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    Thanks for the replies. What do you suppose might becausing the Stop Error I am getting? I am using XP Pro SP1 and like I said I totally uninstalled ZA and rebooted.


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