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Thread: Anyone Know A Decent Close Quarters

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    hi all

    im looking for a army type game kinda like anti terrorists/mohaa with missions , up close fighting and a bit of snipering etc , say i have to step in a door and kill a terrorist quickly or he'll shoot the hostage or sweep an area taking out all the enemy before entering a building etc.
    or a game similar

    ive played rainbow 6, tom clancys ghost recon, delta force 3 , vietnam black ops,mohaa + rtcw

    any suggestions guys

    oh not UT cos i play that anyway and its not really army more like MENTAL! and not splinter cell or metal gear solid cos i have them and there a bit to slow for my liking


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    CounterStrike : Condition Zero out on irc.

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    irc?? dunno bout that is it on bittorent??

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    How about Project IGI1or2 or Splinter Cell,both good games IMO.


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