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Thread: Halo Help

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    i just downloaded the "Halo Combat Evolved-FLT" file from ... what do i do next??? this is my first time so i have no idea what to do ... can anyone help??

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    download winrar, and win iso.....

    open the .bin file in winrar and extract the first file. flt-halo.001 i think is what its called. then you'll see a .bin file. send that to a folder, doesnt matter which just send it somewhere where you can find it. Then in winiso, open the .bin file and convert it into an .iso file. if you dont know how just go to help and it tells you . then, after that, you find the .iso file and double click it and your files will be extracted. it will extract the setup and everything like that. double click the setup and go like normal. you wont need a cd key, just type some crap in. then when you try to play online for the first time it will update it, after it updates go get the latest crack, send it to the halo folder, and use the new halo icon. its an icon that looks like master chief. when you download the crack you should probably rename the crack's icon so you can tell it apart from the original. use that to run the game, and dont take it out of the halo folder or it wont work, so you'll have to just go to that folder every time you want to start the game.

    hope that helps, and didnt confuse you.

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    cool thanks for the help FrStyleKing


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