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Thread: Lost In Translation

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    Lost in Translation should be a very good movie. First of all it got Bill Murray in it and has a high ranking for it. But no one is talking about this movie. I searched in kazaa for it for 15 min , not a single file was found. not even a fake.
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    i thought it was a great movie, but i imagine most people will hate it 'cause it's going completely against the trends. it's slow and moody with a lot of talking, and there isn't much comedy in it. maybe if you liked Ghost World or Before Sunrise, you'll dig Lost In Translation. i dunno how to describe what i liked about it... i just liked it a lot. some of the situations, the way the characters interact, i kinda related to it.

    the soundtrack had some of my favorite bands too-- like My Bloody Valentine, The Jesus & Mary Chain, and Phoenix.


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