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Thread: Deleted 30gigs Of Films/apz Etc By Accident

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    Please answer yes!

    It took me ages to gather all these files

    Heres what i did.

    I uninstalled eMule to upgrade to another version but not knowing it also deleted
    my Incoming folder files with it

    I even created a restore point but when i went to restore to that point it still
    did not give me my files back

    So p!ssed off at the mo, thinking that they are gone forever.

    Can anyone offer any hope to me at all??

    Thanks guys 'n gals

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    i hope it works for you, i never tried it myself



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    Ye This Does Work! I Deleted A Film Once And Got It Back Like 2 Days Later When I Read About This Somewhere on the Board

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    Cheers for that, i hope it works.

    Off to sleep now tho, but i'll try it tomorrow.

    If anyone knows of anymore progs like this (in case this one doesnt work) between
    now and tomorrow please add them here, im pretty desparete you see!


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    Wow, that program is handy. I just fully recovered a 1.2 gig movie that was deleted 2 months ago

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    there is another software called "Recover4all Professional 2.23", its even better then the Restoration, u can download from my site and PM me for the crack

    With the Recover4all Software you can easily recover (undelete) files that were accidently deleted under Windows. It does not matter if the files went through the recycle bin (and have been lost since the bin was emptied) or were directly deleted. The program is fast and very easy to use. The deleted files can be restored with a few mouseclicks. To prevent files that were already deleted from becoming overwritten

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    Well bad news

    Restoration DID restore my films BUT they wont play at all

    Tried about 5 mediaplayers (wmp/powerdvd/zoomplayer) but it's not having it.

    No idea what the problem is.
    I think thats my files down the tubes apoligies to anyone trying to d/l from me

    mEtho, as a last resort i'll maybe try Recover4all Professional 2.23, i'll be in touch

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    pci file recovery. or get a hold of hiren's boot cd

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    Originally posted by konnie@11 October 2003 - 11:31
    pci file recovery. or get a hold of hiren's boot cd
    Thanks Konnie, i shall check them out

    Got some good stuff that i dont want to lose.

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    did u lose porn 2

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