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Thread: Anonimity?

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    I am new to p2p and have a question. With all the scare stories around about a crackdown on people sharing copyright material, is it possible to track the origin of an individual file. ie could the powers that be download a file and determine possibly with the forced co-operation of kazaa where that file originated, who uploaded it first, the first offender.

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    They could possibly do that if they went to the trouble of investigating every single persons who is sharing the file on there internet connection and going though logs at major communication points, but this would take huge resources and tends to be done by groups like interpol and the like, who have got better things to do that track a few p2p users and as far as i know kazaa dont keep logs of there users unless you include the spywear that is in there client.

    If someone is sharing the file now it's pretty easy to find out who they are by getting there ip address while downloading from them(go into the command prompt and type netstat and you will will see all internal and external connections(ip addresses) ) and cross refrencing them with ISP logs if they give them up easy.

    But usally a warning is sent to you by your isp without giving up your name. Too many warnings and you will most likley lose your connection.

    But with all that said it's still unlikley your get caught, if you still feel scared you can use socks5 proxys with kazaa lite, a simple guide to socks5 proxy here, there are other kind of proxy support that use third party programs but are currently difficult to use.

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    I allow other users to see all of my shared files because non us organization can touch me

    The sue's have affected the "core" of p2p file sharing but people tend to think they will be caught just like nothing

    if you share a lot of files you can share half one day half the other day

    however i will share files even if the riia comes to my country and sue's people for 50000$

    One last thing I would like to have is more supernodes because I feel like several have disconnected.......I would be one but i have a 64k broadband..........


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