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Thread: Does Anyone Has Windows 2003 Server Hash?

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    Let me know.


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    i havent seen ne hash 4 windows server 2003 here but u can get it off the suprnova

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    if you have a fast connection i might be able to give you a direct download from my computer

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    No but I have Windows 2003 Server, Enterprise Edition on CD and let me tell you it sucks donkey cock. However it's an update to Windows 2000 Advanced Server which sucks just as bad. Windows 2000 Server was amazing and I expect its predecessor, Windows 2003 Server, Standard Edition, to kick ass just as hard. Windows 2000 Server is currently the most stable version of Windows you can put on a computer, but XP Pro has the most features. Windows 2003 Server is supposed to be the best of both.

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    Windows 2003 Server is supposed to be the best of both
    And it is

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    got a 180 day free trial, this links direct from the ms servers!

    use any cpp key, pm if you want some and the file!

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    yeah im running win 2003 .net enterprise server and ill tell ya its really stable. people say xp pro is stable but 2003 server is really hardly ever have to restart after any installation. its available in a 3 in 1 on emule get it from there or try suprnova which will most definitly have one

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    Look behind you, you may not see me, but I am there
    What is Windows Server 2003?
    Is it a FTP server?

    If so.. I will try it.. because I do not understand any of the FTP servs I have


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