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Thread: Windows Update Not Working?

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    Hello, recently I had problems with Windows Update. Anyway it would give me the error message: 0x800A138F every time I tried to do an update. The problem in turn happened to be certain sites blocked by the HOSTS file, or SuperTrick. This is a direct excerpt from the site which resolves the issue, I found it informative I hope it helps those who are experiencing this problem:

    Step 11) New!

    Check The Hosts File...

    There is a small file on your machine that MAY be causing you a problem...

    Lets check it out:

    Go To The Hosts File::

    C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\etc (Windows XP)
    C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\etc (Windows 2000)
    C:\Windows\Hosts (Windows 98)

    Use Notepad to view contents of the Hosts file.
    (The Hosts file is a editable using notepad)
    The lines at the beginning with # in the first column - IGNORE
    If there are ANY entries in there that refer to Microsoft or to Akamai DELETE them!
    Now close notepad accepting the changes.

    Now open Internet Explorer and try the Windows Update site again.

    If it fails with the 0x800A138F error again try Step 12

    Dear Marc,

    Thanks for the solution! It was the hosts file - I used to use Spyblocker, but removed it several weeks ago...

    Thanks, John (UK)

    READ THIS Side Note:

    This email demonstrates an IMPORTANT point...

    Many of the current "Anti Spy" and "Ad-Aware" software CAN update your hosts file and BLOCK access to the Windows Update site. This is because Microsoft are now using servers at Akamai for load balancing of the service. However, Akamai servers have also been known to host the services of companies that "Anti Spy" software seeks to block. So we have a problem now Microsoft are using Akamai....!

    ALSO at least one of these software programs will add the Akamai URL to the Restricted Sites in Internet Explorer - so this may be a problem too...

    So delete any references to Akamai there also:

    Open Internet Explorer, on the Tools menu, click Internet Options, and then click the Security tab.
    Click Restricted sites, Now click the Sites button.
    REMOVE any URL's that have akamai in the address.

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    It's been noted HERE and continue HERE for futher understanding how it works/improve it. However it's the thought from you that counts. welcome aboard, and look around the forum for more helpful tips.


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