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Thread: Help - Big Download Has Been Reset

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    I've recently got broadband (512K) and have been downloading Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (712 mb). I got to about 650 mb then got disconnected and its been reset to 0kb.

    There HAS to eb away I can resume this download, surely. I am really frustrated at the moment. I'm using the lastest version of Kazza Lite.

    Any help is much appreciated.

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    I experienced the same problem but with a smaller file a file 60mb but i have 56kb connect so its probably the same wait time.

    But what happened to me was i let the file dl over night and when i got up there was no file in the Downloading box, and it was not in my kazaa ither, its like it just disapeared, i think it has somin to do with the accelerator added in kazaa-lite , i think it accidently cancels files evey now and then so i suggest telling it to not touch Downloading files.

    As for gettin the file back, i pretty sure u lost it.


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