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Thread: Rosetta Stone rsd files

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skweeky View Post
    Hmmm, I can mount it, but the program isn't finding it... It keeps telling me to insert a disk
    That's odd
    Did you update or register? because ur no supposed to do that
    As I recall there should be an option to select the virtual disk once you hit the install extra languages.
    I don't have Rosetta stone on me atm, so i don't know if I can be of any further help, but I when I did the install I just followed the instructions from that thread that I linked to and everything worked well.

    Perhaps you should search/ask in that thread to see if you can solve your problem.

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    you should copy this rsd file to "%systemdrive%:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Rosetta Stone\Updates" then start Rosetta stone & it will show a message that "update in process"
    PS :
    if that dir doesn't exist you should create it
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    are we all talking about RS 3 here?

    For Rosetta Stone 3 you have to install the application and then start updating it until the last version we have a "patch" for... as far as I know, it's version 3.4.5 that puts levels 4 and 5 to works...

    after you update it to the version you have a patch, uhhhh... apply the patch, sure! =)

    during all this process you don't register nothing, you don't do nothing special... it's just that... install, update and apply patch...

    done that? Open the application and load the levels from each .iso file with something like Daemon Tools.

    this should work... if the loading of levels is not working, probably you have to update the application online...

    good luck

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    I am new at this, I'm trying to download Rosetta Spanish (Latin) from the website piratebay. I downloaded versions 1,2,&3 but there were no exe files. Could someone maybe give me the steps in detail so I can do this. I really can't afford to purchase this software. My email address is

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    What's the need to post your e-mail address?

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    Okay, just stumbled on this thread, and I really need some help here - I downloaded the app, set up it up fine with the crack and such
    but now I have no idea what to do with all these rsd files ... I actually didn't get any iso files (that I know of) when I downloaded the
    language pack (it's original format was obviously .rar) If you know what I'm doing wrong, please tell me!

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    I downloaded the French 1-5 from Pirate Bay. Then realized that I needed the App V3.4.7. I just Installed the App. I followed the directions which now it is asking me to Install the Languages. BUT It ONLY Has the Option of Installing the Languages FROM CD/DISC!!!! I read that I can Mount the .iso And itl search and find it but it does NOT.. It only asks for CD.. So does this mean I need to Mount ISO and Burn them to CD Before Rosetta stone iwll locate and add the language? WTH??>>

    I also only got the folders the following


    All are Unzipped Folders. The Data contains a Bunch of RSD Files, The documentation contains 1 Txt file, Language contains one PDF file and the Speech contains ONE RSD File!!!

    So can someone please tell me

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